Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Very soon I had an opportunity to meet one of our seniors. From her I came to know about the Mumbaiescorts. People can earn some significant amount money by providing Mumbaiescort service. The amount may increase depending upon client. Businessmen, industrialists and rich gentlemen offer a good amount and tips if they are fully satisfied with escort service. Therefore, Mumbaiescorts interested me most. Without thinking about the consequence of it, I went to provide service accompanied by my senior college mate. I could not forget the first day when I reached a reputed hotel in Salt Lake City. My heart was biting against my ribs. Finally, she took me into a lift and pressed 5. We reached at 5th floor quickly. I had some confusion about the services and how to work as a Mumbaiescort. I stooped before room no 69 and she pressed the calling bell. A voice came from inside, “Who is this”. She replied Lisa, one of your most desired Mumbaiescorts.

A man stood up from inside and opened the door. He welcomed us warmly. There were two men drinking strong wine. One asked my name I told him it. My senior replied, she is new in this line. She is highly interested in working as Mumbaiescort. After that I did not have to wait long. I become a well known independent Mumbaiescort.

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